An Efficient Seeker who Delved too Deeply


“You have got to be kidding me.”

R’yleh mouthed the words again as the mass of limbs and mouths picked itself up off the ground and hissed its recognition to her.

Could this really have been the other-worldly form of energy she had escaped the nothing with?

She swore it had left with her. They had both gotten out…they must have. But where did its body go and why was it trapped in this horrid form that only moments ago was trying to tear off my arms and legs.

“Its me, R’yleh, from the void.”

For almost a year she had worked with the being to re-connect the pathways of her mind and body. The impossibly-sided cube had broken her grip on reality, torn her thoughts and the very essence of her being from her body and thrown them into another dimension. She had never encountered something as frightening and yet so seemingly docile as that damned object.

At first it was terrifying. The pain was agonizing, brutal, unending. Pulling a spirit from a body is no easy task and although it may seem to take a mere moment to an outside observer, it is an eternity of torture for the spirit. The tendrils of attachment ripped one by one from the shell of a body it called home and then cast into the abyss where she floated for what seemed like forever, eventually coming across another like herself.

The being was entirely energy and even though they were not of the same species their language was one and the same: Energy pulses in the void. It took a year with her new companion before they were able to discern a way back to the physical world. He was a being of the void and she a being of light, their two forms must cooperate and share their energies to open a wormhole back to whatever plane they called home. It was an ingenious plan and it worked.

Sort of.

Keeping the portal open required more energy than either of them had calculated. As they strained their very essences to the limits, and were both sucked through, something strange happened. A being of the void can only exist outside of a physical form. The corrosive energy dissolves matter and taints whatever it touches. This holds true for a being of pure light. It is a balance of both which allows life to sustain itself inside a physical body.

As R’yleh was pulled through one dimension after another on their way “home” she noticed that her essence was beginning to fade, replaced by the ever-present void surrounding them. It seeped into her being, drowning her thoughts, memories, feelings. Covering them in a thick layer of nothing from which nothing can pass through. Suddenly she was back. Its as if time had stood still for a moment yet she felt as if she was gone for more than a year.

She blinked and the object dropped to the floor. That’s when the creature attacked, they battled on down a hallway, a platform was activated and R’yleh found herself face to face with her accomplice in a physical manifestation of eyes, limbs and mouths.

Blinking again she looked up at the device.

“Come on friend, i’ll have to hear your story later. Right now we need to get out of this damn pyramid before it becomes our tomb.”


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