Pattern Recognition

Costume for a Gutterball (A.B. 001.012)

Session One

I don’t trust this one.  We he should be fed to the spiders.  His incompetence will get us all killed.

Marlon stood ahead of them studying the piece of paper in hand.  Every now and then he would rotate it 90 degrees and look up in a random direction before looking quickly back down again.  He was obviously lost.

Walking up to him, R’yleh attempted to offer help. “You look confused, do you need help navigating that thing?”  Quickly he pulled the map away from her leaving a torrent of excuses and false truths in its wake.  Shrugging she returned to the rest of the party.

He can’t even tell you good lies.  What use will he be if cornered?  If captured?  Will he tell of our position between the pained, laborious breaths of torture?  His will is weak and his spirit weaker still.  He serves no purpose in our plans.

With renewed effort R’yleh pushed forward towards the scout, looming over him and snatching the map from his hands.  How easily he cowered, bowing to the display of force and power.  She hated when Xal'atath was right.  Studying the scribbles and pictures, she attempted to make use of the only piece of solid information they had.



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