12.14.16 – NEW RULE: Earn 1 XP for every Adventure Log posted from the POV of your character about in-game events. (Up to a max of 1 XP per in-game session.)

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Session 1: The party approached Industry with a small group of NPCs. They discovered their supposed guide, Marlon, was lying about knowing the way. They inadvertently stumbled into a Culova nest, but they escaped by offering Doc's double up as tribute. They reached the outskirts of Industry without taking any casualties.

Session 2: Quinn approached Doc and thanked him for dealing with the Culova peacefully. The party was directed to Moira for work. She sent them to find a missing group of miners and to deal with an unusual electromagnetic signal coming from the excavation tunnels in the Wrist of Industry. The party encountered several Kanthid, and stopped them from killing a mysterious cloaked figure.

Session 3: The cloaked figure introduced himself as Cyprian. The party encountered a Magmid that was pinned under a rockfall. It was injured and malfunctioning, causing it to emit the electromagnetic signal Moria sent them to find. The room was filled with Kanthid. The party drove a nearby excavating drill into the magmid and put it out of its misery, then returned to Moira for their reward.

Session 4: After spending the night at the Loving Memory Inn, the party went in search of a cure for the worm infection Ry had picked up. A merchant in the market named Verity asked them to bring her Pop Pop fruit in exchange. The party traveled into the woods surrounding Industry in search of the fruit.

Session 5: The party found the hot springs where Pop Pop fruit is known to grow. The springs led them to a colony of bat-like creatures who had cleared the immediate area of fruit. Their spokeswoman, the Air Talker, directed them deeper into the caves and asked them to keep an eye out for her missing brother. The party fought several cave-dwelling creatures before finding a Pop Pop fruit tree in a cavern deep in the caves.

Pattern Recognition

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