- A hand-drawn map, with a message scribbled in one corner: "B., Roland has the blessing. —Yours, T."  [Taken from Marlon]

- A piece of paper with a series of numbers written on it. [Found in the tunnels of the Wrist.]

6 shins

3 oddities:

  • a metal and glass disk that when pressed against flesh instantly tattoos a black scorpion
  • an ankle bracelet that sometimes eases muscle pain
  • a wrist band that buzzes when in complete darkness
  • clone clothes

11 shins

Mental Coupling: (Christen)

Level: 6
Wearable: Headband, glove

Usable: 2-foot-long (0.6 m) synth cable
Effect: Allows one thinking creature to speak telepathically with another creature that it touches. Although the connection lasts for only one minute, vast amounts of data can be exchanged if both creatures are willing.

Jolter: (Steve)

Level: 8
Wearable: Harness with wires connecting to a metal rod that can be held or affixed to the forearm
Effect: When activated, this cypher generates a bolt of wild electricity that extends to short range before arcing into the ground or a target on the ground chosen by the user. The bolt inflicts damage equal to the cypher level, but the jolter is difficult to aim or control. The difficulty for any attack with the device is increased by one step, and a roll of 1 or 2 on the die suggests that a different target (if any) was struck. The jolter emits the bolt for four rounds, each round inflicting the same damage, but using it each round is an action and requires a new roll. There is no way to turn the jolter off once activated, so activating it is a four-round commitment. A user that does not control a jolter in a round will be struck by the bolt of electricity herself.

Artifact – Tunneling Gauntlets: (Cory)

Level: 6
Form: An oversized pair of metallic gauntlets with broad nails
Effect: It takes one round to slip into the gauntlets. When activated, they give the wearer an immediate burrowing speed for one hour. She can burrow through most soils and even some stone, but not material whose level is equal to or higher than the artifact level. Burrowing leaves behind a tunnel with a diameter of 5 feet (2 m) that remains stable for several hours. After that, the tunnel is subject to collapse.
Depletion: 1 in 1d20


Pattern Recognition micannn