"Culovas are spidery humanoids with eight spindly legs, a bulbous midsection, and a pair of humanlike arms with three fingers. Eight eyes adorn their heads like colored beads above disturbingly broad, toothy mouths. They move with astonishing quickness.

Culovas are usually peaceful creatures that live in small groups deep within a forest, hunting for food and caring for their young. They lead simple lives.

Culovas avoid contact with other intelligent creatures unless they or their territories are threatened. They do not leave familiar ground except in extraordinary circumstances, so they are always on the defensive, even when they launch an attack. However, an attacking culova can be reasoned with. If you can convince the creature that you’re not a threat or that you’ll cease being a threat—which usually involves leaving the area—you might get through the encounter unscathed."

The Culovas of the Westwood maintain an uneasy truce with the colonists of Industry.


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