Charles 'Doc' Foxwell


Doc was born on the outskirts of obscurity, in a town so small even the locals weren’t sure what it was called or if it even had a name. When he was a child, his family relocated to a bustling area named Ornstead. The population was small compared to the nearest city, but for Doc it was a whole new world to explore. He was inspired to fill his head with knowledge, beside himself with curiosity when introduced to Numenera. It didn’t take him long to gather an impressive collection of oddities, mostly useless items with an occasional gem to consume his time.

Over the course of many years, he grew his reputation and started a small business, dealing with trinkets from all over the area. He spent his nights toiling away at broken bits, solving the puzzles presented to him and earning a meager income. For him, it was enough.

It wasn’t until his mid forties that they came for him and his collection. A band of traveling thugs in search of Numenera, Doc didn’t stand a chance. Ornstead was mostly destroyed in the attack, lives lost and buildings burned to the ground. Everything he had come to love was taken from him in one night, leaving him barely able to escape with his life.

No longer sure he would ever be welcomed home again, Doc set out in search of a new life. Even if the invitation had been extended, he wasn’t sure he could find it in himself return. He has lived his life since without home or family, wandering city to city in search of Numenera.

Charles 'Doc' Foxwell

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